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"Kind" buyer asks me to accept the cancellation and offers me $5 for my hard work


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I’m a video editor. Sometimes it becomes very frustrating to deal with these over-demanding buyers. So this Kind buyer didn’t even feel the need to describe the project effectively. All he said was “I want a globe gif with my logo on it”. He even tried to offer me his video chat address. To which, I said no. But it didn’t stop there. When I delivered the $50 project, He started telling how disappointed he was and what not. Now, he was like
"I want my logo to be on top of cities on the globe"
"They should increase and decrease in size and glow like stars"
"The gif should be sharper"
"The globe should be in the middle of the screen"
"It should start rotating with United States on top".
" The colour of the globe should match with my logo"
"I gave you $50. If I wanted I could have get it done in $10-$15 by someone"
And then he boldly sends me a video chat link and his phone no. and asks me to join. When I politely declined, he said “fiverr would agree”. I was polite all along and told him that “my fault, I’ll do the revision”. And then he said something that boiled my blood-

"You can cancel the order and I’ll give you $5 for the hard work you put in"
like seriously? What do I look like? A beggar? As you would expect, I refused the the insanely huge amount and accepted the cancellation.

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