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What is your experience with Fiverr?

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My experience as a seller

  1. Making a living is not easy if you missed the momentum
  2. New gigs are more viewable in search engine
  3. You need to delete old gigs as they don’t come in search engine so much
  4. As compared to freelancer fiver market is damn cheap
  5. With regular effort it is possible to make a living with fiverr, this what I still believe
  6. Many Fiverr freelancers can give you a beautiful painting for you as low as 5$
  7. Fiverr is mainly the hub for freelancers at the beginning of their Career
  8. You can contact every user who is selling in fiverr, but not every buyer who is buying
  9. Overall Experience: I am still Optimistic that I can resume to my success and cross next level.

Hope it helps

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1 - Depends on what you mean by momentum
2 - This is not true.
3 - Also not true.
4 - Absolutely not true.
5 - This is true - if you have the skills. Effort without marketable skills is worthless.
6 - Sure.
7 - Not true.
8 - This doesn’t even make sense.
9 - No comment, that’s a personal thing.

Overall, 4/9. Needs improvement. You get a D.

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At least a couple of major faults from my point of view.

Just because you can purchase a ‘beautiful painting for as low as $5’ doesn’t make it right. Any seller who sells such a service for $5 is a complete fool in my opinion.

Fiverr is not ‘mainly the hub for freelancers at the beginning of their Career’. By stating this you are perpetuating the myth that Fiverr is a cheap marketplace. Experienced sellers with valuable skills charge a market rate - not $5. My average hourly rate on Fiverr is $30. If prospective buyers don’t want to pay that, then I don’t want to work with them.

If you think cheap, you will be cheap. But don’t label all sellers the same as you.

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