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Your account was flagged for violating our Terms of Service


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I know there are a lot of threads around here with a similar topic that I am posting today.

What I have experienced is heartbreaking. If anyone here can guide me or help me with my situation here shall be appreciated.


Your account was flagged for violating our [Terms of Service] and is currently under review by our Trust and Safety team.
During the period of the review, you will be able to complete your active orders. However, you cannot place or receive new orders and you cannot communicate with users, other than your buyers/sellers within an active order.

What just happened?

A few months ago I worked for a client and made him a game. Well the idea was completely by me which I made for myself as a startup product of my startup. I shared it with him and he just loved it and said I would love to buy it and we will do very much updating in the game, like moving step by step as he does not want to pay such high amount for nothing, I agreed with him and made him the game, he asked me that the condition will be like this that I own the game copyrights, I said okay if we are doing this much of huge project I will do that for you and then we completed the first stage of our order. After nearly 2 months I start messaging him that where are you, how are you? But he was not responding to my texts and the friends who were working with me pushed me towards making this game public like a kit on the store so anyone could use it (for a very low amount), somehow they manipulated me and made me agree to that, so we gather some freelancers and publisher who can do this for us and we worked with them and made this game as a kit and made it public on the store(different from his version of the game). Then after like nearly 6 months he came to me and just forget his previous game and start asking me to start making a new game for him like another huge project. At first, I agreed and ask him to stick till the end as this time it was his idea and I was okay with it. We start doing discussions and making documents on the game than in a middle of a chat he just messaged me that I am scamming him (he thought that the kit was already there and I bought I and sell it to him). I tried to explain to him that you just left the project all alone, I messaged you and you did not respond me for months, what would that mean and he was like no you scammed me, you said that was my copyright but you put it on the store. I told him we talked that yes it will be your copyright but neither you purchased the source code of the game from me neither you contacted me to keep moving forward with the project and neither you asked me or talked to me about anything. I tried to explain to him a lot but in the end, he just reported to Fiverr customer support and that was the above message I just received. I tried to explain everything to the support and yet they said they do not know about anything as this is getting deal by another department. They do not know how much time it will take(days or months). They just asked me to wait.

There are a lot of peoples I have been with contact and I am unable to message them, they are just thinking that I abandoned them and left them in the middle of nowhere but now I explain to those of my clients. Many of them were talking to me on the updates of their games many of them are about to pay me for the rest of the project and many of them was discussing their game ideas with me. They must be thinking I just ran away leaving them. But only I know the truth.

I am really broken, I do not know what to do. Just sitting on a sofa waiting for an email from Fiverr.
My family depends on me and I depend on my Fiverr account.

Don’t have any more words to write.

Thank you!

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