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My gig is still not ranking, But I completed lot of order and good conversion


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I have completed a 24 orders and I’m level one seller. I finish almost 5 order this month but My gig is still not ranking. I saw the sellers who haven’t any order in queue is holding 1st and 2nd page. My income is going down and down. Please, Rank deserve one not reserve one. Please.daily refresh gigs so everyone get chance to work.

Hopefully, You will understand. I know fiverr community are better than any other communities as I experienced.


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Guest humanissocial

Fiverr isn’t a charity to give people work. It’s a business.

Their algorithm is based on their business objectives, not yours. You won’t succeed in business with this entitled attitude.

And they DO circulate the gigs. But there are many thousands of them. So they can’t all “rank.” It’s not even physically possible.

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