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Strange Messages

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Over the past few days, I have seemed to amassed a collection of rather queer messages.

I thought it would be fun to share them with you. And I just want to be clear, all of these are the first messages that people have sent me, so this is our first interaction. And, they’re all from different people.


image742×80 7.14 KB

image734×110 10.2 KB

Why is it always me who gets these?
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Guest humanissocial

I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the people in your screenshots think you mean you write for actual ghosts. 👻

Like maybe you’re writing Casper’s memoir.

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Guest caesar_english


This one if my fave.

“Join me and together we shall rule the galaxy” - Darth Vader

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You’re lucky, you scurvy dog 😃 I just get boring stuff like my last strange messages:

him: Hy

#This message relates to: [one of my gigs]

Me: Hello. How can I help?

him: No thanks

me: And why did you message then?

him: Soory

(Or didn’t he mean Sorry but Sooty, as in Sooty Dog? 😀)

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