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Shouldn't I Be Level 1


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Thank you cheezees (love that name).

I did contact Customer Support 😦 They said I am “not in good standing with the level system”. You see when I first started out I included my LinkedIn profile link…only because I wanted to leave no doubt in my skills if a potential client wanted to learn more. As a newbie I didn’t realize this was considered a major no-no. I immediately removed. I explained that it was an honest mistake and to please reconsider granting me Level 1. I have so many clients who feel it is cumbersome to order multiple Gigs of $5 (I usually average about $15…sometimes more). I also have repeat customers. Also, I have lost out on revenue because some Buyers will make just one purchase knowing I will produce (No worries, I’m getting better at asking to pay more. It took me time to get that courage).

I hope Fiverr will revisit my issue and clearly see it was truly an honest mistake and that I had no bad intentions.

I am so bummed :[

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