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Good at photoshop ? Never do this.


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face swap (change someone’s face with other)
This is OK and nobody complains about it.
May be the buyer want to have his face on Captain America 's body.
That’s fun.
That is cool.

But recently some buyer intended to have “his face” morphed in to a scene where a policeman and his girlfriend was having their own time In a car.

Dear sellers ,I want you all to have some kind of common sense here,
What a guy on earth would have his own face in such a situation.

The image he send me was an image of a cop (he said its him and he wanted to prank his friends )

He offered a fair amount also.
I said," I can do it for you… (don’t get me wrong,I was not going to do it any ways,but I needed to make him feel like a fraud)
I continued." But on one condition,send me a picture of you holding your nose with your thump and pinky finger,
Just to confirm that Iam not dealing with some fraud who wants to revenge a police officer."

And there he confessed that it was not him.

Guys ,there is more to tell ,but I hope you all got the thing.

1.Never morph or face swap a scene which is not socially acceptable or appropriate.
2.always confirm with the buyers that they have given you their own images
3.never accept any work ,if the work could somehow defame some one.
Status and image in life are hard to build
4.never fall for their offers.whatever you get, make sure it Reached You by right way.

Don’t worry about the buyer
Fiverr has taken care of him
His last message was
“Lol I got a warning,you may contact me via my gmail #####@gmail.com”

And keep in mind ,I’m sure this is not his first attempt.he knew about the warning and ban ,and he somehow managed to send me his mail id even after getting a warning.

Hope you all got the point of this post

Stay awesome guys
"If you can’t fix it ,Photoshop it "

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