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Do you find it easy to find information on the TOS?

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Here is the for anyone searching.

So I sometime get myself in a pickle because I don’t remember every detail of the tos or even understand it. I’m wondering has anyone been using a method to ensure that they are sticking to the tos? A way that is much easier than memorizing everything.

I do understand if I just have to go back and read it. I hope it’s not against the tos to ask. 😅

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It’s not all that easy because it’s not all written clearly (specifically) on that page what all their rules are. Some might just be in policy pages or other pages.

eg. this link https://www.fiverr.com/community/standards

has stuff that isn’t listed directly in the terms of service (such as paid reviews and testimonial gigs not being allowed), and I think things like not asking buyers to change a review are in a policy document (even though I think there’s still a page saying you can contact buyers to ask them to change a review or contact CS to do that even though doing that would most likely get you a warning).

The TOS and all the policy and other rules are long and it isn’t all written in one place what the specific rules are really. Maybe they need another way of doing it or as well as the current way. eg. a help system or something that could check your gig as you created it and give a warning if applicable or additional info without it being a warning that could you in trouble.

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I don’t because it’s mostly basic ethics and common sense, really.

But if I want to find something on a web page I just the “Find” shortcut on my keyboard and try keywords related to the thing I want to look for. It’s easier than scanning the whole page and potentially overlooking something.

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