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Gig not showing up on any page

Guest carbonx95

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Guest carbonx95

Hi there! I hope you’re having a wonderful day.
I actually have a problem regarding my gig , it doesn’t show up on ANY page in the respective catagory , not even on the app. (Not advertising here)
In my gig , I offer to do photorealistic rendering and 3d modeling of products , catagory is graphics and design and sub catagory is industrial and product design , my gig has the following tags
3d design , 3d model , product design , graphics design and rendering.
For some reason , when I search open that subcategory (from the app and browser) or search for “product rendering and modeling” , which is probably how a client would search his needs , my gig doesn’t show up in all 11 pages!!
However if you type the EXACT title of my gig , then it shows up in the bottom of the first page!!
What do you think is going on? I didn’t edit anything (just recently added a video for showcase which got reviewed successfully) , I know you need patience to get clients especially as a new seller but I can’t get any clients if my gig doesn’t even show up , my other gig shows up perfectly in it’s respective catagory (album cover design)
Thanks alot , cheers!

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