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Your experience with out of office

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I went out of office for about 20 days and my GIG went from 23.500K impressions to 7.5k impressions in those 20 days.

The bad thing is that when I came back I kept going down and down until a point where I had to cancel and delete my entire GIG and create a new one.

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I read quite a few horror stories myself re: OOO.

Anytime I needed to go away on vacation, I always opted to extend the delivery window on all my gigs, and write a disclaimer on my profile. (Plus a couple of templated messages for when a new or existing clients reached out via inbox)

Fiverr claims the OOO flaws have been resolved but I personally don’t trust it.

That being said, if you are going away your gig’s rankings will be affected either way somewhat, unless you plan on taking new orders.

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