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My Gig is not Showing on search Result


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Hi there,
I’m new here in Fiverr. I have two gigs. one that was showing on the top 10 position on my category (Interactive maps) even 2 days before, but now its not showing even in the entire list of search result. one thing i had done, i simply changed a photo of the thumbnails (not the first one) after it was on the top 10 list.
Now Im really upset. Did it happen just because i changed the gig photos?
Does Fiverr change its search result best upon the Gig modification?

Thanks in Advance.

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Please search the forums. There are probably hundreds of posts like yours going back over several years. Certainly dozens in recent weeks.

In short, the experience of most sellers who contribute to the forums is that new sellers receive an artificial boost in the search algorithms for a limited time.

After this limited time has expired, sellers either sink or swim.

In other words, during the artificial boost period you might receive some orders and positive feedback (if you’re good) that will give confidence to other buyers to purchase your service. And then everything just rolls on.

Or, during the artificial boost period, you receive no orders or bad feedback in which case your gigs effectively disappear forever more.

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