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Some things i find very unfinished

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Hello, i don’t know where to post this really. But i thing this should be the right place.
Fiverr is now 10 years old and i started using it first a few days/weeks ago and on some days it feels like a completly new and unfinshed project. Like a Early Access Game on Steam and here is why.

Buyer Requests
Why the hell is this found under “More”?
I really thing this should be but between “Orders” and “Gigs”.
On the INternet i read you shouldn’t relay on Buyer Requests, and i get that, but is see so many good Users on Fiverr using it. Especially as a new users, i use it a lot to get some Orders.

The Second thing i didn’t understand at the beginning was why it was almost all the time empty. In the first day i had nothing it it and thought that would be a BUg or something else. I searched the Internet to actually understand how “Buyer Requests” works.

A lot of times Users deliver some Attachements on their Requests but i only see ONE!, except on the App but i will get to the App later.
Why is it so? I had one Guy who didn’t get the Problem that i didn’t saw all his Attachments. I tried to find a way to see them all, so i found out you can see all of them on the App.

I hope i got thsi one right. All the Categorys you use in your Gigs you can find in your Buyer Requests to Filter. For me this would be “Logo Design” and “Twitch Stuff”. Why do i have often Requests or Website, Database, Programming and other stuff in it? Is the Person who makes the Requests not smart enough to use the right Category or is this a Fiverr problem?

If the Buyer wants a Logo they can use Tags like “Minimalist/Modern” or something. Why can’t we Filter for something like that? I don’t want to read a 500 words Requests to find out they want a ugly Mascot Logo (My Opinion)

The App:
Why is the App, the Mobile Website and the normal Website build up so different?
For example i will take Buyer Request again. On the normale Website i can remove a Request. But not on the App and on the mobile Website i couldn’t even find Buyer Request. The next weird thing was that on the app it shows 7 Offers but i only see 6/7 for some reason. The really cool thing it. When i use the App and Website at the same time i often don’t have any Requests on the Website but on the App i have like 10 and after 30 minutes i still have the same Requests on the App but none on the Website.

I have more things that i find strange but i can’t remember right now.
I still have 2 questions.

I have some “Earnings” on my Fiverr account. How long can this be on the account? Do i need to withdraw it? I want to use this money to get a driver licence and when i withdraw it i could use it for something else. So i would like to let it on my account until i have saved enough.

I read that it is not allowed to ask for ratings after a Offer is completed. Why? I can understand that it is not cool to aks for a 5 star review, but for a honest review? If you get like a 4 star review, is it allowed to ask why not 5?

Thank you for reading, this is it for now. My English Skills are hopefully not to bad. 😃
If my “Opinion” seems a little harsh and mean, i’m sorry. It wasn’t my intention.
Have a nice day.

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Hello, welcome to the forum. You have a lot of various comments and questions in there. I hope you have read the terms of service.

That’s the main thing. In time you will get used to the site and how it works and it will become not as strange to you hopefully.

Sure leave your earnings in your account as long as you want.

Don’t even mention reviews to your buyers at all. It’s just a rule not to do that.

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