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Any suggestion on this issue raised by Buyer?


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Hi Everyone,

I got an order to write a technical article on a particular topic in between 1500-1700 words. I delivered the article on time but the buyer has just send me a screenshot (attached)saying the article has some plagiarism quotient. Buyer has not accepted the delivery as of now. Neither is the buyer telling me what he wants.

Also, It is not clear from the screenshot that the result is for the article I delivered. I had spent quality in writing this article and i fail to understand that even if the screenshot is for article written by me , how is that possible as i have not used any quotes nor any references.

Can someone suggest

  1. how to deal with this issue?
  2. how to ensure that i will not face similar issues in future ?
    Screenshot (299)929×320 14.6 KB
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There will always be some phrases or words that ocurr in more than one place - if you’ve quoted someone, for example. Give sources, if so.

Anything under 10% is acceptable and doesn’t qualify as plagiarism.

Thank you. I get your point about plagiarism. But what do you suggest on this issue?

I just need to wait for buyer to accept the order or propose revision or automatically marked accepted by fiverr.

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I suggest you do some research to find a page that defines what plagiarism means and how high a percentage is “acceptable”. Then send the buyer the link.

This seems to be an interesting idea. I plan to use this. Thanks. 🙂

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