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The buyer didn't pay the right amount

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Hi! Hope yall are doing well. I already contacted customer support on this, but it’s been several hours and I know they are taking longer to reply than usual so I wanted to see if you could give me some advice on what to do.
A buyer placed an order today, he chose my $20 pack that is called ‘‘Portrait of 1 person. (Chest up)’’ so what I’m offering is pretty clear. In the gig extras you could add ‘‘additional figures’’ if needed for an extra $20.
Well, the client made the purchase and the image that he gave me to draw is a half body drawing of 3 people, he did not add any extras for additional figures or to make it half body, when It’s super clear what my package is offering, it’s written on the name and also I explain on my gig description that you can add additional figures if needed. I messaged him about the situation and asked if he wanted me to send a request to add the extras, but he’s not responding, even though he was online. The time is ticking and if I have to draw 3 people I need to start working on it soon.
I’m not sure what else can I do, I don’t want to cancel it since this will probably affect my gig and the situation was generated due to the buyer’s mistake. Do you have any advice?

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