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I can't get my first order on Fiverr!


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I’m new to Fiverr for a few days. I did provide a few services and I’ve tried to check on the Buyer Request but haven’t any Buyer Requests over there. I wish to get my first order soon. Furthermore, I wish there’s some Fiverr’s expert and professional sellers would give me some advice to improve my Fiverr. Here’s my profile :

Thank you soooo much for leaving a comment below and spending time to help me out!!! 🙏

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While I am no expert and also not got my first orders, I would say you talk to much about the programmes you use in your descriptions. Sell yourself, not Adobe, sex it up a bit.
Go on Twitter, Linkedin, etc etc as the man says. Spread it around. But make your description about you. I bet Adobe do not mention you so why should you give them valuable space? Sell yourself, not your apps, that is my advice. Good luck

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I’d say, try to make your different packages a bit more distinct, they are very similar to one another and don’t offer much in terms of value. For example, you could only include infographics and charts from the standard package up.
Remember, the basic package is for people who want the most basic stuff, you should use standard and premium to really sell your best product. So what is the best product you can do? Figure that out and make it your premium package.

Important note: revisions are not a feature.
Really, don’t even mind about that, nobody cares, and people won’t go like “oh my god so many revisions” most of the time buyers expect you to show progress of the work so revisions end up being meaningless most of the times. Just to say, don’t use it as a selling point, and also take it easy with the revisions, as some buyers take advantage of it to get more than what they’re paying for.

On the business card gig again, try bringing in some more value into your different packages. For example, you offer 3D model on the premium right? First make that way more obvious, because that’s the selling point of the premium. Focus less on the amount of concepts you offer, and more on the finished product you offer. It’s cool that you offer more concepts on the bigger packages, but you have to show the buyer that somehow the end product will also be better in some way, or they get more stuff out of it. For example, you can offer the source files, or the vector files. Something like that.

Final advice, add a video for the power point presentation gig showing what you offer. For the business card gig, I advise you to show way more examples in your previews, with different color palletes and different aproaches. The way it is people will think all you can do is that kind of thing.

Hope it helped.

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