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Find your true love on this Valentine's Day!

Guest boulevardboy

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Guest boulevardboy

We probably meet hundreds of boys/ girls in our everday life . Sometimes we just fall for someone whom we met on a roadside cafe , on a public bus , or at the university campus . Suddenly we start thinking about him / her so much that we forget about other things in life .But sometimes we got hurt by our loved ones ; sometimes he / she just can’t recognize our true love . We end up ruining ourself from frustration .

A boy in my neighborhood used to love a girl to such an extent that he could not think of his existence without her . But the girl belonged to a deprived family . Her father could not cater to the family needs . So one of her relative came out to be the saviour . He nurtured her family and provided her with all the expenses she needs including education , cloths and so on . The girl was so much indebted to the guy that she could not respond to the true love of the boy . He tried again and again to convince her , but failed . Finally he committed suicide . He disappeared but his true love survived in our memory .

So guys, please be sure to find out your true love from the very innocent people . He/ She might not have much money / possessions to attract you . But he / she has pure love which is invaluable . So get your true love this Valentine’s Day . Well wishes for your Valentine .

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