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2nd time contacted fiver customer support and they gave me warning

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Hello, all Users I hope you are good I have something tell I dont know what am i doing wrong This is the second time I contacted CS and they gave me a warning.

The first time was when a buyer contacted me and asked me to download po** films for him I straight away reported his profile and in return, CS gave me warning for offering ■■■■■■ content I was surprised and shocked I thought it might be a mistake and didn’t bother to contact cs

now 2nd time I have been warned because I reported them that buyer has taken the work and is asking me to cancel the order now I gave them all the proofs and also attached a screen video of the proof work that I did but in return, Fiver reported me for asking the buyer to accept the delivery, like seriously

I think Fiver CS dose not like a seller reporting buyer because buyer are the ones who are making money for Fiver.

Does anyone else ever faced this

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