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How to promote gig?


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Hi I have a question associated with promoting gigs.

In the past month I receive more then 44 orders, but already 2 weeks as I absolutely stay on zero.

I had tried to promote my gigs using other sellers gigs like (advertise on Facebook and etc.) but no result.

Any advise please.

Thank you

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Sometimes, the sales fall off at different times of the month or year, but the fact that you got 44 orders in one month is excellent. Don’t worry, they will come back when you least expect it.

If you are promoting on Facebook, make sure the seller’s Facebook page has a good amount of fans. Promoting using other seller’s gigs is very effective, but there are a lot of Fiverr sellers who only have bots, so make sure you ask the seller questions before you purchase their promotion gigs and do your homework before you purchase.

I hope this helps,


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