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Annihilation by COVID-19 and probable remady

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" When You Feel Like Hope Is Gone,Look Inside You And Be Strong and You Will Finally See The Truth That Hero lies In You"
- Marish Carey

Oftentime we observe that whenever there a pandemic took place in the world all the people are compelled to suffer through the pain of loosing their loved ones, loosing employment and going through monetary disadvantages. Which ulitimately throws a blow to their psychological stability. Resulting in the familial chaos and even random behavioural changes in some persons. Which is often termed as insanity.

Causes Behind Outspread :
Majority of the world population do not directly contribute to the formation of a chaotic situation like the current CODIV-19 pandemic, but a very few people can be called to be the ultimate responsibles behind it. Exploitation of the natual aroma or the coverage by practicing unimaginable food diet is one of the causes behind it. This is not very new the world has faced but there were famines which destroyed the civilised fabric of the world for several times. Yes, causes behind those things were still can be attributed to few people again because to carry on preventive measures all the governments were required to be prance but the absense of which opened the door for these evilsome disasters to come forth. Though the role of natural calamity can not be ignored at all.
But the entire blame can not be attributed to the handful of people because even after the outbreak of COVID-19 and instead of being fully aware of its preventive measures people are coming outsite, having fight with the implementors of the regulations and ultimately widening the evenue for the virus to come in.
So we can say that it is lack of “morality” and the “sense of Protection” that is generating the havoc. This kind of situations will again take place as the evidances from the future but amalgamation of awereness and proactive thinking with maorality will help us to reduce its intensity in future.

Roles Of Online Market Places In Situations Of Financial Crisis :

In our age-old days people faced the same situations again and again. They faced the same financial crisis with more severe outcomes.But in current era the situation have completed a full circle with the advent of Information Technology(IT) and its widespread to each and every corner of the world. As blessing of which new marketplaces like “fiverr” have come to us like the blessings from heaven. Earlier people have less employment opportunity. They either had to rely on their employers for their payments and the services but fiverr have changed the entire scenario by providing opportunity to all the sellers to choose their own services and also to generate a handsome revenue online sitting at home. In the current phase it is not possible to go outside for the search of an offline employment due to ongoing worldwide lockdown. But it does not prevent us from generating revenue as we have fiverr with us.Realising “the hero inside me”, as per the quote, has been made possible by this marketplace. It did not make us to realise that we are really in the lockdown state.
And when it comes to counter the “Psychological Instability” I would say, it provides us with plenty of work that there is no time to let our psyche turn instable. And the monetary needs are also getting supplemented.
Overall I,being a member of this fiverr communinty,am feeling honoured to get the opportunity to get into the regime, thanks to the team. Due to your effort many of the families are now supplementing their needs and many have turned itno well-off and famous beings just after working with you thus a greatest salute to you.



                                                                                                                  -  Suman Debnath
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