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Money Stolen By Buyers


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hi guys,

feeling low after loosing money on fiverr as this happened 2nd time with me and i lost $$ … as we are reseller and i pay for the services too we buy from the main supplier and sell to the customers

they ordered me and i completed their work i delivered them as described my services which is already mentioned on my gig

first they gave me negative feedback, than they canceled the order through fiverr.

i lost my money and got negative feedback too, i sent mail to fiverr to remove the negative feedback now when they cancelled the order and than fiverr replied that we want the buyer permission for that… lol they never asked for permission when they forcefully cancelled the delivered orders and for removing the negative feedback they are seeking for buyer permission am really done with it now

i feel fiverr is for only buyers not for sellers, now as quick as i want to withdraw my money and than i will leave this site

i been scammed by the buyers some times they forced me to cancel the order after completing the orders by blackmailing that cancel the order or they will leave a negative feedback

i just came here to earn some money to help me and some people but i lost my money here instead of gaining

having such a bad experience

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Guest doctorlucy

I also had a problem,someone added paypay to my account (which i had’t done already) and removed all the money from my account. Is there is anything i can do to get my money back ??

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