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Order page source file protection


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I sending my clickable PDF files to my client. So, Before he accept order he checking it and he tell me they not work. But still he not accept my order.
Files are working. I tested it too much.

There are two questions. Help me

So, My question is ,

Fiverr block files before it accepting buyer?? Because also, My files are download my client and he try to use that. Is any protection before accepting order protect files.

And Please give me quick answer for this,

Second question : Can I create clickable(hyperlinked) PNG. :rofl: Because buyer ask it many times. But i think we can’t create that. It is just image.
And please provide me what you use for creating hyperlinked PDF(without adobe reader pro version)?

Unfortunately I can’t add PDF. So, Hope you guys give me instructions and solution.

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