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New to Fiverr, Newer to freelancing job

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Hello everyone in Fiverr,
I am Pranjul, and very new to Fiverr and freelancing world.
The whole world is currently fighting with COVID-19 with full spirit and unity. I hope & pray that everyone in this world out there remains safe, hale & hearty.

This is my first message in the forum to connect with the Fiverr community and also wanted to inform each one of you that “Hey folks! I am a newbie and I am here to get some work”.

Starting is always a tough part and this is my first step towards the freelancing world, after leaving an R.F. Engineer specialist job in the telecom sector. I wanted to start something on my own and grow as to become self-employed, so I hope to have taken the right decision by joining here.

I hope to connect with you, do our business together.


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