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There are problems in my dashboard and analytics section

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I have been facing issues on fiverr from last 3 months. Some dissappeared but some are still there. Below are the issues which are still there.

  1. Whenever i refresh my fiverr account whether in PC or Mobile a message Dot in pink is shown above the message menu. Its been from a few weeks while the previous problems are still there. Screenshot from PC is also attached.
  2. I have received all the 5 star ratings from clients but Analytics rating section shows one 4 star review. when i preview my profile there is no 4 star review.
    I have contacted support multiple times and After explaining them they say that tech team will solve it but after a month there’s no reply, no update.
    Here’s my profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/touqeershahid95
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