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Blocking a Buyer


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Well, I know this is nothing new, I’m sure a lot of people have wanted ( and still wanting ) this.

We can report certain people and prevent them from messaging us, but that doesn’t prevent them from

ordering our gigs.

We can block messages, but we can’t block orders?? Then what is the point of reporting them???

The thing is, the small number of buyers whom I’d like to block are not those “nightmare” buyers who tries to get

everything done for $5, super demanding, getting on your nerves constantly, complaining all the time, yet keeps coming back,

NONE of that. Then why would I want to block them, you may ask?

It’s just that they are just simply a bit hard to get along with, and it causes stress when you see his/her name in the

order page, and as much as you ARE thankful for getting an order, you can’t stop sighing at the screen for a few minutes,

you know you will be having some trouble later on with the order, and you would much rather not work on the gig.

Yes, I can ask for a mutual cancellation, but again that’s only for a short period of time,

you know the person will come back again.

I am guessing there is a reason Fiverr has not created a “block buyer’s order” feature yet, but this is something

I would reaaaaallly love to see in the near future!

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