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Completed My First Withdrawal! Yay!

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I wanted to share my joy with the community because today I finally completed my first withdrawal from Fiverr after much debating with myself 😂

Despite signing up on the website last year, I only started posting gigs around 3 months ago and today I finally decided to get my first payment!

Even though it’s just a few hundreds dollars, it means a lot to me because many of my clients go for my cheapest gigs so I never expected to come this far in such a short time! I am very grateful to my clients and especially my returning clients who put so much faith in my work. I will always strive for top-quality service as I’ve been doing so far!

I had a few doubts about how Fiverr fees for withdrawals work, which kept me from withdrawing for a long time, but now that I finally tried it out I must say I’m completely satisfied.

I’m also about to reach “Level One Hell” as I’ve seen many people on here call it. I’m a bit scared, but I’m positive I can continue moving forward and become even more successful in the future 😊

I wish you all the best and I hope you have a nice weekend!!

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