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This is how Fiverr treat their sellers

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On May 11th I received an order to ‘‘professionally recreate this picture’’, and I have received no further instruction other than the original concept chart.

20 hours after I made my final delivery, the buyer finally responded and stated that she wants to cancel the order because ''the picture is not what she Imagined ‘’

And when I asked which part she doesn’t like and I’ll make the improvement, she responded that she don’t like anything of it and refused to let me modify.

I have put 15 hours of work in to this design and willing to make any change, But I do believe I have meet all her original requirement(she has no disagreement on that) therefore I won’t accept any unreasonable cancellation.

I contacted the CS center, haven’t received any respond but they cancelled my order and marked me a TOS violation instead, the reason is I failed to deliver the complete work.

I don’t agree that my work is incomplete, the buyer wanted to cancel the order because it ‘‘doesn’t match her imagination’’ and refused to let me make any changes. What am I gonna do if you didn’t even describe your imagination or provide any references!!

I have an all positive review from all the buyer I have worked with, I was going to become a lv 1 seller after this deal. Is this all I get for working 15 hours on the design and kept all my promises?

I’m shocked by the way fiverr treat their sellers. It seems that when you and your buyer have a dispute they will just ignore your hard work, cancel your order, give you a TOS violation without even bother to investigate or at least talk to you.

I’m so disappointed after this experience. Their guideline is just a joke, there is no real protection towards sellers, buyers can take your work, claim that they don’t like your work and cancel your payment, maybe mark you a violation, just for fun.

I can’t see myself work on this platform for a long term, I’ll finish my current deals and leave fiverr.

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That’s why you never do Fiverr orders that take 15 hours… No way you were compensating yourself for the time, value and risk.

I was about to write what @humanissocial has written - so instead I’ll just have to agree…

While the Fiverr platform allows us to earn money, it is also sadly inhabited by some lowlife buyers who want work for free. Thankfully the lowlife are in the minority, but they do exist nonetheless.

I only ever take on new jobs that will take me an hour or two to complete. I refuse larger jobs from new potential buyers, or else offer part of the service they require as a paid demo for both of us. I do have some trusted buyers who I’ve worked with for a long time, and I allow those buyers more flexibility with my time and skills.

In my opinion a scammer wants maximum return, so they’re going to target more demanding jobs rather than the smaller ones. Why scam someone out of an hour of their time and income, when you can do the same for 15 hours?!

I’m sorry you’ve gone through this, but it’s a tough lesson to learn.

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So sad to hear that but don’t let you down because of such scam buyers, I also had such bitter experience, you should bounce back and achieve your success in-spite of all odds that will be right answer to such buyers. Wish you all the best.

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I’m sorry to hear about your experience. That sucks!

I’ve had some unreasonable buyers in my time here on Fiverr as well. Just last week, a buyer claimed they mixed up the order with me and some order on Upwork, and they wanted to cancel since they had someone working on the same project over at Upwork.

After having discussed the requirements, received the information, and chatted for 30 minutes regarding the specifics, I found it hard to believe they placed the order by mistake.

However, I know this kind of buyer. While stuff like that CAN happen, I believe it to be a way of getting their money back because they decided to spend it elsewhere after the fact.

So what did I do? I accepted the cancellation and took the hit because I know that refusing will cause even more significant problems. We have to remember that Fiverr has no reason to side with sellers in these situations. There are always hundreds of new sellers who will take your place if you leave - while Fiverr can’t easily replace unhappy buyers with new ones.

After all, it’s the buyers that make this platform work. As sellers, we are easily replaceable with new ones because there will always be an influx of new sellers willing to do more work for less.

As a businessman, I understand and respect this point of view. I may not like it, but I recognize that Fiverr has to run their business like a business. If they were to side with the sellers in this type of situation, the buyer might never spend more on the platform. Losing a buyer is way worse than losing a seller if you look at the big picture.

So I get where Fiverr is coming from. I’m not too fond of it. But that’s how it is.

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