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Level One "Hell" Passed

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Today I evaluated to Level Two in just 120 days! Throughout these days, I delivered about 120 orders.

I wouldn’t say Level One was a “Hell” at all. I didn’t have any struggles with orders and did everything smoothly, not as other Sellers said, that we would “all” experience non-order times for months. Nah, it was not anything like that at all. Pretty much… just some myths.

A small story of my first order:
I remember my first order. Just after about a week of Gig creation, I got my first order that was worth $20! It was unbelievable for me at that time! I did everything as professional as possible and the Seller really liked it! He even gave me some advice to increase prices! (At that time I had only 1 package worth $5). I listened to him and increased prices a bit later after I got a few more orders. And then I decided to change some things up and create 3 packages instead of 1. I thought, “It’s probably not the best idea to create 3 packages, but I have to move on and change some things up”. Believe me, it turned out to be the greatest idea to have 3 packages to increase the profits!
So, sometimes it’s better to begin cheap, but also start strong and professional!

Anyways, thanks for some great tips too, I appreciate all of your ideas and solutions!

Let’s share our stories here, too!
Kind regards,

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