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I think I’m being overcharged

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I accept this but I do not think that is the case here. Even when I am talking to my Chinese partner he knows the difference between 10$ and 50$.

Understanding the difference between $10 and $50 isn’t the point. For all we know, it could be speed rapping or a complex duet where two people are singing at the same time.

It is also odd why someone would want a song transcribing. Most song lyrics are freely available online and can be found with just a quick Google search.

When I used to offer explainer videos, I would regularly get people order a 1-minute video, but send a script going over 1,000 or more words in length that is simply impossible to turn into a 1-minute video. I’ve also worked with VO artists who have asked me to pay extra because of something I have overlooked when ordering.

As it is, we can all assume what has happened here, but none of us know for certain. CS also has a reputation of being a little too trigger happy sometimes when it comes to giving sellers warnings or outright banning them. This is why I think it best to err on the side of caution.

All the OP has to do here is refuse to pay extra and consider cancelling this order.

Well, we don’t know what he knows, we can’t see what he sees so this is all guessing game now.


  1. Cancel order
  2. I #1 doesn’t work, report him.
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Surely this is very simple?

Has the buyer delivered what was agreed prior to payment"? Yes or no?

You’re saying no, therefore the buyer has not completed the contract.

As a seller I rarely say this, but based on what you’ve said in this thread you are therefore within your rights to cancel the order.

If the seller didn’t price the job correctly then that is there fault. You won’t be invoiced $50.

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