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What do I do with this?


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Hey all. I do writing gigs on Fiverr, am new to it and have sold about 20 with 100% positive reviews. However, I got an order with this provided in their details:


cheap unlocked cell phones


Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links are not allowed.

My instructions are pretty specific, but that’s all they left for me. I messaged them to see what they were in need of, but I haven’t received a reply. The order is only 2 days old, and I have 5 days left to finish it, but what if I don’t hear back? If I send a mutual cancellation and they don’t reply to it, will that be a hit on me?



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Hello Scott,

I am having a similar problem with one of my buyers. The order just said proof read a one-page brochure which I did and thought I did even more than was needed. For no apparent reason, they gave me a thumbs down which said, “ok, not good”. So, I messaged them asking what did I do wrong and offered a free do over, or a mutually agreed cancellation. No reply. I’ve messaged them several more times but still no response. Guess I’ll have to live with my thumbs down and never know why. I can sympathize with your problem. Good Luck!


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