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Anyone notice Fiverr's latest feature?


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A couple of days ago while I was browsing through my orders I noticed something odd on the "Perks" section on the far right of the screen.


Right beneath the Buyers request feature, was a new one called "Sellers proposals" and there was a "NEW" tag right next to it!


Clicking the link got me an error message, and by the time I went back to my sales page to take a screenshot, the link was gone, just like that!


Anyone else caught a glimpse of it?


Sounds exciting! I wonder how it's implemented... :)

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Well this feature has a purpose since now a seller is not allowed to conact a buyer, unless the buyer initiates contact first.

Or maybe this serves another purpose. Like for instance if a buyer messages a seller and asks for something custom, and the seller now only messages specs and price, maybe now there’s a formal way to propose terms and price for custom projects.

Who knows?

@atechkid yes this feature is new, it rolled out when the iOS app came out. 🙂

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thenewsbyyou said: Wouldn't seller proposals just get flooded though? What's the point of seller proposals when you already have the listings?


well there could be limits according to a seller's level, much like there is now for sending offers to a buyers request.


So a seller must be careful as to where he sends a proposal. :)


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