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Gig not showing in search after changing the cover image


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Hey guys!
I’m new here but i came to see if anybody had the same problem.

so, the story is like this:

2 days ago, i changed the gig cover image a few times. i didn’t like how the preview was cutting into my image. so, i gave it a few tries and when i was finally finished, i discovered that my gig wasn’t showing in the search part anymore. went on help center to see if my gig was still active and saw the message “your Gig is active but needs further review from our side to appear in search results. Please contact us so we can check your Gig and help you out.”

anyway, i contacted them but, for 2 days, no response.

My gig was on the second page in search on both recommended and best selling and it also had fiverr’s choice on it.

in my opinion, it’s a BIG problem because while this is happening and i’m waiting for the support guys to answear, i’m loosing money. my gig is not displayed anywhere.

Hope i didn’t bore you to death.

Have a great day

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