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What gigs do you recommend that I do? / Is my gigs actually being looked at?


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I see that usually, more common services on Fiverr are the ones where you’re not likely to get sales if you’re a newcomer to that genre, where the more popular people in that category gets pushed to the top.
Does anybody have any recommendations in sections that don’t have very many gigs or some gig ideas that I could possibly learn to do and make a gig as?

Also, I’m not sure if my gigs are actually gonna get sales. I have 4 different types of gigs, being very cheap logo design, anime profile picture making, custom character sprite/video with custom sprite, and 8-bit/chiptune music creation. I can’t see the views, clicks, etc. So I’m not even sure if people are looking at my gigs!

Sorry if this was really long, but I’m really wanting to get sales!

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