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New Service type 3D Modeling & Rendering - METADATA incorrect

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I got the following email that mentioned the following:

We wanted to let you know that we’ve restructured and updated the metadata options of the 3D Models & Product Design category in Graphics & Design. We’ve also renamed it to “Industrial Design” and have added specific service types within this category. Now buyers will have a more accurate picture of the full scope of services and be able to find your Gig easily.

So an action was required because my gig now was placed into one of five sub-services:
3D Modeling & Rendering - product 3D models & rendered image services

The problem however is as follows:
The GIG METADATA is incorrect or utterly irrelevant

Currently, at this point in time, the File Formats contain those of 3D printing and CNC programs which no longer fall under this category.

Materials. " Select the relevant material "
Because this is not a 3D Printing or CnC gig but 3D Modeling & Rendering, everything is digital, and if you’re unable to render a specific type of material, you’re not ready to do rendering as a gig yet.

Design Software
The software listed contains software that is no longer relevant for this sub category, as it contains software that is not primarily used for the 3D Modeling and Rendering area of the industry. Whilst software like Catia is an engineering type software. Whilst like most of the others it can render, it is not the main program used in this subcategory for this purpose.

The main software in this part of the industry is 3Ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Blender, Rhinoceros, SolidWorks.

I’m not saying the other programs can’t render. I’m just saying that they’re not the leading ones in this new sub-category. As such, I recommend for Fiverr to look into this industry by spending an afternoon researching it. Or just checking out one of the leading magazines like 3D World, 3D Creative, 3D Artist, 3D Art Direct, BlenderArt or Expose.

Field of expertise:
The fields of expertise listed are incorrect for the 3d modeling & Rendering subcategory.
We 3D Artists do not define ourselves as for example a footwear artist. It’s simply a job title at best if that’s all we do…

This field of expertise is too overspecialized. It’s like asking a carpenter what type of screws they specialize in… Don’t forget, 3D Modeling and Rendering is the artistic part of it. The visuals for your product’s commercial, the product image for your mascara listing on Amazon.

Rendering wise we’re the product photographer, Whether it’s a bottle or a shoe, there isn’t that much of a difference beyond the materials of the object…

As a result, the whole area of expertise in the metadata is too overspecialized to add value, and only subtracts from it. My personally affected gig concerns Product Renders for Amazon… Rendering wise it doesn’t change much for me whether it’s a spaceship, robot, bottle or toy.

Modeling wise it’s just a matter of time and cost.

As such, I believe the Field of Expertise in the Gig Metadata for the 3D Modeling & Rendering service type needs to be thoroughly examined before being put to use…

I’d like to hear the input of other 3D Artists in regard to this. I for one, find it nearly impossible to list my gig accurately with this new GIG METADATA configuration for 3D Modeling & Rendering



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Is it possible to render the 3D objects there now? I am looking for more online solutions now. I have to finish a large 3D project now, and my PC is just not capable of rendering that much information.
That’s why I use forgehub.net and other online farms to speed up the process and not compromise between quality and time. This way, the work will be finished way faster, and I will still have time to edit some aspects. For now, it is the best solution I could find, and it does work. This way, I can demonstrate to my clients I am capable of working with more complex projects.

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