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Buyer's problem

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Hello everyone
I got one order for Whiteboard animation And buyer send me script and his logo to add in the animation I did and then I deliver the Order and I ask him for do you need any revisions. And then what he told, he said please correct this spelling error I did that and then I deliver again and he is again and again asking me for revisions He can tell me all the changes at one time but he didn’t And not even replying me (not a single message where he replied me) and then I said him why aren’t you telling me all the changes at once and then he was like Don’t talk to me like that that’s rude and blah blah blah. Now I’m afraid He will give me Negative feedback what to do??? There is not my fault.

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There is nothing wrong with asking for a single list of any revisions needed. Indeed, this is a sensible strategy for both you and the buyer as it keeps communication clear.

However, if you offer multiple revisions as part of your gig, then your buyer is not obligated to send everything to you in one go. In which case, I think morally your buyer is more right than you.

If however your gig description states something like “You are entitled to one set of revisions. Please send me your requests in a single message. Multiple requests will be charged as gig extras”. Then obviously your buyer is wrong.

As I often say in these forums, it comes back to what you promised in your gig.

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