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A new seller is here my dears! is waiting a first orrrder


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Hi Diana,

Being that your gig is visually related you may want to go through and edit your portfolio. What you are including within your package is great. However, your not giving the buyer an understanding on how that specifically helps them.

As an example within your first gig you have some beautiful photos (which might be compelling enough for someone to order). What I think would help is by providing some samples of before and after photos.

  1. Utilize all the parts of your gig, meaning, create a video showing before (what clients provided you) and after (how the photo looks after you’ve worked on it).
  2. Be active. Given many boxes and options buyers have to look for sellers, some want someone who is online. Fiverr has a great app that could help with that.

So I think more samples of work would assist you by providing you more opportunities, at minimum, to create dialogue.

I hope this helps.


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