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Gig for a week but no offers or messages


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Hi everyone! My name is Emil and I’m from Norway!


I have always been interested in Graphic Design and wants to become an Art Director when I grow up, I thought that it would be nice to start as a freelancer as a young age to get experience and earn a little from it as well.

I started my gig maybe a couple of days ago (I know it is a little early, but still) I haven’t gotten any views, clicks or impressions. I have spent a lot of time making a video, professional thumbnails and pictures and having a detailed description. My prices are also really low for what I am offering, but no one seems interested.

Have I done something wrong on my gig? I have tried to make it seem as professional as possible, unlimited revisions, and want customers to trust me. Can you guys spot any errors in my gig? And if you guys have any tips and tricks?

Thank you! 😀

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