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If client conversation is archived in inbox, it does not show after archive

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In the conversation area if client messages have been archived, it won’t show up again if the client contacts again. I do get the messages in my mail, but in case I miss the email, it won’t show as a new message on the top in the fiverr inbox. You will need to search by client name and see the new message.
It could be better if even after archiving client messages could show up as a new message in the inbox.


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In FB Messenger an archived chat would reappear in the Inbox if there is a new message. Sadly, Fiverr doesn’t do this.

Anyway, if you want to get to your Archived messages, click “All Conversations” then choose “Archived”. You can also choose “Unread” to see the unread chats (including archived ones). In the mobile app, it’s the Filter icon on the top right corner.

You still need to manually move the message back to inbox before you can reply. That’s another unnecessary restriction.

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