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Watch out! Possible scammer on the loose!

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Just got a message from someone saying he’ll pay me 100USD a month to set up an Up&Work account.:

chrome_lIoej2SGMk1039×816 53.5 KB

He says he is from China, but really he is in Romania,(as seen in the right of the screenshot) I started reading the message thinking it was real, but when I saw that he would pay me, as he said,: “$1200 per year with no work” and he wanted remote access to my PC via TeamViewer, I knew something was up. I reported him for spam. He also tried to make me click on a link, that is blacklisted:
ShareX_mRET6bcGdk1301×678 29.8 KB

So watch out for any possible scammers lurking in your inbox!
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