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Shopify Copyrights


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Hey guys.
i just want to ask if i buy from someone that sell here a shopify and he use copyright images or logo
or he build me a site and use copyright images or logo.

will i get the lawsuit? or i can tell them i just buy that from this guy and they go for him?

Pls let me know because i want to buy a shopify and i dont know how to trust someone because of stuff like that.

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I sell Shopify websites and from what I have seen on the platform it is a very common problem.

You are the one that will get sued in the end because you are the seller/merchant.Nobody really cares who created the store because at the end of the day you did not change the images,logos,etc.

My advice will be to get the logo and images yourself if possible and always make sure the logos are available for commercial use.

Contact me if you want to have a Shopify store,100% copyright free!

Have an amazing day!

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