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I'm new here and I'm in need of assistance


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Hello and welcome to your new career! Make a gig for starters. See what happens. Tweak it as needed.

Exactly how you do that and offer your services is for you to figure out. We can’t guide you or tell you that. We all started off at the same place as you are now. It’s simply to make your first gig and try out the waters.

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

essay writing strategies, essay proofreading, college essay writing,

Any of these will be an account ban. We cannot do anything related to school work including even proofreading it.

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Guest deexrs

Welcome to Fiverr,

Actually the only thing that you can do is to offer teaching English with courses as packages.

So, make a gig (new service) and put there 3 packages as like (Intro to English, intermediate English, Advanced English) and prepare a course for every package and make it ready and find the best way to teach online (maybe by video calls or chats).
Overall, do not forget that Fiverr is an English website so everyone here understands English. But, think about it in another way. Maybe someone will need your experience to get advanced in English language, or maybe there is someone who want you to teach other people.
And who knows, maybe you got your new online job as a teacher.

Hope you find what you’re looking for and have your first orders soon.

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