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Any suggestion for this gig


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Hey Buddy, Cool Work.

I have some suggestions for you:
The amount- reduce the amount to 5 images in Silver Pack and set the Price to $5.

Make sure you select the delivery time of Basic Pack always to 24 hours and Price always to $5.
You can choose these revisions format Basic- 5 revisions, Stan-9 revisions, Premium - unlimited revision.

Hope they Works

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I agree with ashwin_99507, except for the 24 hours. Only choose that if you are sure you will be able to deliver in that time, for future gigs.

For photo retouching, I think 24 hours for 5 pictures is fine.
Instead of setting high prices that might scare clients away, offer less work for less money, you can complete it in about half an hour, and will probably get more clients as not many people need 75 photos retouched.

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