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How to deal with a new customer?


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Hope you be doing well…!!

The best thing is to be polite and try to get requirements clearly from the customer.

Constantly tell the new customer about the your progress and get their feedback about…!!


Thankyou for your great tips shayan

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I have question for you - How did you communicate with past customers, as you have 27 reviewed orders and your profile start at March 2017.? You probably have experience in communication…

Not much experience, that why it’s only 27 in 3 years. i think i’m lacking in this skill

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you are right, now i’m serious about this, that’s why i need tips to improve myself

If you want to improve try to learn more skills and create a gig and publish.

One thing that every one should do , share your gig on social media the more people see your gig the more you will be earned impressions that means chance of new order.

If you wanna Learn new skills here are few skills that has a great business now a days

  1. Word Press
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Database Development
  4. Share Point
  5. AWS
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