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(moved post) Literacy test, used Ticket error


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Yesterday I just slaved away for 3 hours on my profile only to be locked out because of a bug on the literacy test that claimed that the ‘ticket’ was already used, which lo and behold popped up the moment I selected to do the test. For the first time.

It went (and forgive me, I’m paraphrasing because I can’t retrieve the page)

“You can’t go public until you complete our literacy test”


“These are the rules. Sit down, don’t close the page, are you ready?”


ERRORRRR (some 3-digit number beginning with 20) TICKET ALREADY USED

That’s basically it.

I’m going to have to try again but like it says, you can only try it 2 or 3 times a month, and it’s not like I can rely on my gardening qualifications under a lockdown 😕

Also, before anyone says it, the help centre only does very narrow issues, and doesn’t allow for the reporting of particulars, and finally the ticket option which I’ve been recommended leads to an almost blank page with just:

  • Requests

  • My requests [Requests I’m CC’d on] :


No requests found.

Anyone know what’s going on, or how to get this over to the technical team? and importantly, how to have my test attempts reset to zero. Thank you

sorry for the garbled structure, I’ve not long before I need to facetime the family 🙂

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