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My Gig is not showing in search results - at all


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Hi there,

I recently joined and made my first gig. It show as active in my profile but when I search for it I cannot find it in the results.

I have tried searching for my username, copied and pasted my gig title and looked through the newest gigs section - all with no results. I have made sure my tags are inline with my title and have made sure I use the correct language in my description to help with SEO.

I am not expecting to be on the first page but if I cannot find my gig I am concerned nobody else can.


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Hello Soldierpedigree.
What you’re experiencing now could be very frustrating but don’t worry you just need to tweak the gig abit there maybe some keywords missing on the gig description menu, try to see how the top-rated sellers in your gig structure theirs and use it as a guide and begin to change few stuff on the gig you should be able to see it on search page immediately you get it right.N.B please don’t copy and paste another seller gig description this is a grave offense on fiverr. Thanks

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