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Can we share links?


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Hi sellers,
I wonder whether we can share our previous work sample links to buyers when they ask for it through the inbox.
For example, If I’m doing a content writing GIG, the buyer asks for previous samples. Can I share any blog posts that I wrote previously?

Happy Selling!

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Here is a list of approved portfolio links:


Scroll to the bottom.

That list is for gig descriptions and profiles.

When it comes to messages, you can share links to previous works you’ve done (with permission from the buyer of said work).

Remember, not every buyer wants others to know they have bought content or services on Fiverr, so make sure you have the permission to do so.

Links of any kind to previous work should be ok, as long as the content of that page doesn’t violate Fiverr terms in any way. At least that’s my understanding of the matter.

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