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Why am I not getting any jobs on fiverr?


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Hey guys and gals,

this is an example of one of my gigs:

My gig

All are over month old and during past month they’ve had many arrow up impressions and a few views.

I do not promote my fiverr gigs on social media. On social media I promote myself as seller directly - not my fiver gigs, since fiverr is charging us 20% for our sales, we shouldn’t have to do he marketing work and still give our $ to get nothing in return.
Sure, I could raise my prices to adjust for those 20%, but I can’t, because it would put customers off atm imo

Do you think I’m not skilled enough to get fiverr jobs against competition or there’s something else at play?

I’ve had direct sales through social networks, so I assume I have sufficient skill to make at least some sales.

Feel free to be blunt and honest with me.

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