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Withdrawing Earnings - I don't understand what's going on?

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My options for withdrawing funds here in the US show: Paypal, Fiverr Revenue Card, Direct Deposit.

My revenue card was ordered a month ago and still isn’t here, so I clicked direct deposit. Verify my phone number, click the link in my email, and when I click the link on the final screen it says I’m set up to receive direct deposit (despite never entering bank account information anywhere other than Payoneer)

So i got back to the earnings screen, click direct deposit next to withdraw, and it brings me through the whole process all over again. It never asks for bank info, just says I’m set up to receive direct deposit and asks if I want to go to my Payoneer account.

I don’t even need direct deposit, I’d be fine if I could just tell the money to go to Payoneer, but my options are just paypal, revenue card, and direct deposit. Paypal is out of the question, I’ve got no clue when my revenue card will arrive, and direct deposit send me on that endless loop.

I’ve had multiple support ticket contacts that have resolved nothing. They blame it on Payoneer, but Payoneer shows Fiverr is a proper funding source and comes back saying it must be Fiverr’s problem.

I’m hoping someone else out there has had this problem and can tell me what they did to fix it. OR, one last question… if I select the fiverr revenue card option, will the money just go directly to the payoneer account even if I havent received the card? If so, cant I just withdraw to my bank account from there?

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