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Christian VO Business: Up sales and Pricing help, please :)


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Hey there, thank you for reading this!
This is my first post in regards to asking for advice.
I couldn’t really find anything related to what I want advice on.

I’m interested in finding out how to provide my customers with up sales.
I would greatly appreciate your help!

I first need to understand what price is good for what I’m providing.
Currently, I just charge 10 dollars for my service of voice over-work. It is with the Epic Movie Guy Voice.

I feel like I can charge 50 to 100 dollars without up sales.
For the amount of effort that goes into my product, I should charge a reasonable price.

My first gig was great. A well known person purchased my services. Really great person. But I spent 4 hours working on the project and did not know how to up sale to get money for the time spent on the work. So I was paid around 10 dollars for the gig. 😦
It’s not their fault. I didn’t know what to do.

I’m sure there is a blessing from it, but I need to work on my pricing and up selling.

I want to keep a good reputation and honor the previous buyer. So if they see that I up’d the price, I hope the response is good. That’s why I need reasonable prices.

I hope you can help!
Thank you 🙂

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