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Buyer giving me a hard time..?


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Requested about 5 modifications, did what they wanted, and now they sent me an image asking me to remove the background, I make banners and headers, I don’t remove backgrounds from images… what do I tell them? I really don’t want to sound rude or hostile, any ideas?


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Yes, you are not alone. You will always run into buyers that try to milk your five dollars for all it is worth, at least what THEY think it is worth.

Kindly advise the buyer that you already did 5 modifications and that is your limit.

Also, kindly explain that nowhere in your gig does it say that you will remove backgrounds and that you do not know how.

Next, find 2 other Fiverr sellers who CAN remove the background and give your buyer their link.

If you truly did everything that you promised in your gig description, then you owe the buyer nothing more.

Also, stress several times to the buyer that you did 5 modifications and if they want any more modifications, they will need to order another gig. Make it clear that you gave the buyer 5 times the amount of work that you normally do for one gig. That SHOULD make him happy.


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Happened to me this week. Do your best to stay calm, because you don’t want a negative review. Simply explain the situation, also I would offer the money back. Yea it sucks to do with all the work completed, but so many sellers are looking for a lot more. I’m going to say bad sellers are the outliers, at least with my gigs.

Just this week I confirmed a script w buyer, produced gig and sent back. The buyer realized they approved an incomplete script and actually bought a new gig with several extras.

In the end, smile and get ready for your next gig.

Best of luck!

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It can be very frustrating when this happens. I’ve had buyers who have done the same to me. I see all kinds of different requests and sometimes, they are outside what I can actually do or they are requesting more than what they’ve paid for.

What I usually do is explain that I do not offer the service, but offer an alternative, if possible. If there isn’t an alternative I can suggest and I’ve already re-filmed their video a few times, then I usually offer to give them their money back by mutually canceling so they can find someone who can fulfill all their requests. Of course, you need to do this tactfully and kindly to make sure you don’t upset the customer. I consider whether investing anymore time is going to benefit the customer and/or myself when choosing this option. I also like hotwebideas’s suggestion about finding a fiverr who does offer the services they are asking for. That’s great!

Don’t let this one customer get you down. Realize that the service you offer really does help people and you are great at what you do. Occasionally you’re just going to have a customer who is on the difficult side, but let it slide right off and keep doing a great job 🙂

Take care!

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If you don’t advertise what they’re requesting submit a support ticket, delivery your work again and remind them of Fiverr’s policy (which they are violating - and I would tell them this):

"Buyers should remember the price paid for the Gig they ordered and avoid pushing sellers to deliver stuff they did not advertise or intend to deliver. Please remember the price you paid for the service. Matters of taste are no reason to reject an order. Continued false rejections will remove this feature from your account, and may get your account restricted from other benefits."

You can read more about this policy here: http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/200051156-How-to-make-sure-you-get-what-you-paid-for

Do not let yourself be bullied, but be polite as you can be! Good luck! 🙂

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