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Payoneer and it's Discrepancies


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Payoneer, the so-called banking solution for freelancers in countries like Pakistan, has been nothing but a headache and a leech. One of the worst customer support systems I’ve ever seen. Numerous fees, pathetic conversion rates, and the yearly cut on your MasterCard. It drains you out at the end of the day when you work for 5 gigs, give 20% to Fiverr, and then deal with an unprofessional service like Payoneer.Recently I tried contacting Payoneer to get my card canceled. I posted a request on 23rd April and got a response after 12 days (The standard response as listed on their website, is within 5 days) which said, "We're sending you a new Master Card". Imagine my surprise. Imagine my situation. I just wanted to link my bank account and simply get my money transferred, I don't want to give 30 to Payoneer just for a pathetic Card, I want it cancelled. I need the money to feed myself, to try not to die, I mean, it’s not like there’s a pandemic going around in the world right? Now I don’t even live in the same city anymore and they’ve shipped another card to that old address without asking me. My money is stuck, and I can’t get through to them because their systems are slow, possibly very greedy and unprofessional. Can FIVERR PLEASE GET ANOTHER SOURCE FOR US TO GET OUR MONEY? I don’t want PayPal, can Fiverr? A a company worth $700 Million, at least directly transfer money to our banks? Is that so hard? Or can you guys at least tell Payoneer to not be a leeching, blood-sucking parasitical company?

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